"Six Sentences" on the rise.

Okay so I have been hearing a lot about authors posting six sentences of their work, published, unconsideration, and even their WIPs. So I thought I would give it a try. Here is six sentences of MAD ABOUT MADDIE. Feel free to post comments and your own six sentences.

Maddie reached up to grab a mug out of the cupboard and flinched when Jake cleared his throat. She spun around and dropped the cup she held in her hand. Glass shattered over the wooden floor. She froze, her sights glued to his chest. Even without clothes, he perfected the image of cowboy all the way down to his towel-covered waist, and the happy trail of hair holding secrets beneath them. Her brain ceased to function.


For all who are interested and all of you that have asked, I just received an email today with the release date for MAD ABOUT MADDIE. Drum roll please............. (LOL) July 18 (Monday after 7pm EST) Liquidsilverbooks.com



Finishing up edits on the second installment of THE DOUBLE M RANCH series. Here is the blurb.

Brandi McNeal has gotten herself into a speck of a mess. Not only did she keep the birth of her bababy a secret, but she also gave permission to hold a benefit rodeo at The Double M Ranch. A ranch she doesn't own. Upon her arrival home she's taken back by the knowledge that the one man who stole her heart, adn unknowingly fathered her daughter, still sets her body on fire with a mere touch. She's even more shaken to learn that he is also part-owner of The Double M Ranch. She needs his consent. She needs his touch. And in between his caresses, she needs to find a way to tell him about the baby she's kept a secret.

Dex Walczok has all he wants out of life. Or so he thinks, until Brandi enters his life again. He quickly finds himself struggling with the lies she's spinning adn his own desires for her. He can't stop touching her and is unable to ease the flames of passion that burn hot whenever she's near. However, his world is turned upsdie down when Brandi devastates him with the news that she's had a baby. His baby...