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So I thought it would be interesting to have everyone write down I am not a sentence from a book they are reading. But then I realized I'm not reading anything right now -due to crazy days (kids going back to school, hubby home waiting for surgery). Hopefully I will be able to hide away behind a romance novel, in the meantime here is a sentence from Mad About Maddie. Page 37 sentence 16.

His gaze cut to her and then the door, torn between running like hell or staying.

I look forward to reading every ones posts. Please post page 37 sentence 16 from the book you are reading, WIP, or another source.



Mad About Maddie

Sherri Thomas
Contemporary romance
Available from
Silver Books

ISBN: 978-1-59578-851-1
July 2011

Maddie and Jake don't get along
well at all at first. Maddie feels the chemistry and the draw with Jake but
wants nothing to do with men after her ex-boyfriend. Their first meeting does
not go smoothly at all. Jake gets on Maddie's bad side when he pulls her off of
a horse that she has tamed. Jake didn't know he shouldn't have but that doesn't
matter to Maddie. Jake is intrigued by Maddie and the different techniques that
she's using to tame the horses. Jake starts to pursue her somewhat and Maddie
starts to give in to him but repeatedly pulls back.

Maddie and Jake are great characters. Maddie was in an abusive relationship
and is dealing with all of the changes and repercussions of that. It was years
ago but it is still a big factor in her life. Jake has his own jaded past to
deal with but he seems to be more open. I love the way that Maddie and Jake
interact. Their personalities match very well. They have a lot in common once
they actually get to know each other. This story is believable though it does
move a little fast for actual reality. Nothing pulled me from the story when I
was reading. The characters are very human. I found the dialogue very
entertaining and befitting the story. The sex was written well. It takes up very
little of the story because of the situation and Maddie's past. It is full of
emotion though. The characters are definitely in a relationship when they make
love. I enjoyed reading it and what it added to the story. There was a depth of
emotion added to this story that draws the reader in because of what has
happened in both of Maddie and Jake's past. Both have baggage that affects them
but they work through it. I enjoyed this story and the characters.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Lexee
July 30, 2010


YAY 5 stars!!

Reviewed by: Mandy | Aug 24, 2011 | 978-1-59578-851-1


I always love a cowboy romance and Mad About Maddie is no exception. What is it about a cowboy that women love? I can't say for sure, but there's just something very sexy and romantic about Jake being Maddie's knight-in-shining-armor.

It doesn't take Jake long to get attached to the new hired hand, Maddie. She's had a bad experience with an abusive boyfriend and has tried to stay from handsome cowboy, Jake. She's having a hard time making that work for her since he's always around and their attraction sizzles.

Mad About Maddie packs a whole lot of sensual romance inside a great story without making it too long. It's a quick read packed with sweet, emotional, warm-and-fuzzy moments, and you're gonna love it! I'll recommend Mad About Maddie every chance I get to everyone who loves a sexy cowboy romance!

This is my first Sherri Thomas story and I loved it! I'll definitely be looking for more from Ms. Thomas!