Mad About Maddie - Blurb

I do not have a release date for MAD ABOUT MADDIE as of yet. I will post it as soon as I do. In the meantime here is a blurb of the book. You can also go to Liquidsilverbooks.com to view the excerpt. Click on the coming soon tab.


Madison Preston wants nothing to do with the opposite sex. She only wants to do her job, but finds it hard to concentrate when a certain cowboy won’t stay out of her way. Even her strong tongue-lashings do nothing more than encourage his sexual innuendoes.

All his life Jake Dutson wanted to take in and train abused horses. He has also wanted a place to call home, but being on his own since the tender age of sixteen he's never had that luxury, until now. He's determined to buy a house. He needs the land. What he doesn’t need is an entanglement with a woman who has a tongue as sharp as a razor and doesn't mind using it.

It's going to take a special man to help Maddie overcome her fears of intimacy and abuse. Especially when that man is a hot-blooded, sex-driven cowboy and his very being is dependent upon male-female relations. However that is exactly what Jake does, until, that is, she finds him in the arms of another woman.

Believing he isn't interested in long term relationships, Jake's world is rocked when he discovers the only place he finds home is in Madison's arms. Now he only has to convince Maddie their love is worth the ride.

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