"What gives you the right to make the decisions? Brandi pushed her hair out of her face. "Are you listening to me?" She clutched Dex's forearm. "You are the most chauvinistic man I know." She yanked on his arm.

"And you're the most stubborn, hardheaded woman I know." Dex's muscle burned with the imprint of her skin. He searched her face for a reaction. His eyes reached her mouth. Her tongue slipped between her lips.

His lips met hers in a punishing, savage kiss. His arms went around her. She tasted sweet. Her body molded to his. Within seconds, desire flared hot. He changed tactics to slow and seductive. He persuaded her lips apart with his and slipped into her wet crevice while his fingers threaded in her hair. His teeth nipped at her bottom lip. His tongue soother her swollen flesh. She moaned. He plunged inside once again leaning her back in his arm.

Too much timme passed since he last touched her.

He ran his hand down her thigh, pulling it up his. Her center rested on his leg. Her fingers skimmed down his back to his buttocks.

He work his way across her jam to her ear and continued his journey down to the dip by her collarbone. He removed her shirt up from the waistband of her jeans with one hand. He brought the other up to stroke the soft skin on her face.

He wanted inside her. Widening his stance, he bent his knees to gain further contact. He held her close. His tongue dipped between the valley of her breasts.

This is what he missed, the surge of adrenaline overtaking his body when he touched her.

He groaned and assualted her mouth for a second time. He pressed his fully aroused state to her.

Brandi gasped.

Dex kissed her eyes, her neck, her mouth. He tilted her backward in his arms when he wanted to lay her down in the grassy field and rip every last shred of material from their bodies, ridding the barriers.

Her hands pushed at his chest. He let go. She tore her mouth from his and pressed the back of her hand to her lips.

"This is wrong. Too much has happened."

"What's happened? Tell me, damn it."

She remained silent.

"One of these days, you're going to have to stop running."
"Yep, sure." Her head moved negatively. "I have things to do at the house." She crossed to her horse.

Needing space of his own, Dex dropped the subject. " What about the fence?"

"You're the one who was hell-bent on fixing it yourself, so go for it, cowboy. By the looks of it, you could use the time alone." Her eyes fell to the strain on his zipper.

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