Six Sentence Friday

This week has been crazy with the kids going back to school and hubby had hernia surgery, but I think things are finally setting down in time for the weekend - I hope ;) I was going to post 6 sentences from my latest book Greenhorn Heart, but we are just beginning edits so I will wait on those. In the meantime here is 6 more from HOLDING ON. Enjoy and feel free to post your own 6 sentences.

He needed answers, and he should have the results in another day or two. Did it matter? Not anymore. Inch by inch the knowledge that he fathered Suzy seeped in through his pores. He approached Brandi's room and rapped on teh door. Suddently hearing Suzy's cries throught the door, Dex burst in.

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  1. OHHHHHHH, I remember this part sooooo good. And what a tease you stopped here. LOL